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Here you can find out about what is meant by zero waste, the benefits zero waste could bring (both to you personally and to society as a whole), the work we do and how to get involved. In a nutshell, we dream of a world without waste; zero waste is about thinking critically and creatively about how waste can be prevented from being produced in the first place, in contrast to conventional end of pipe waste management strategies. We engage with individuals, communities, policymakers and businesses to bring about these changes.

Who We Are

Founded in 2008, Zero Waste UK is a not for profit organisation dedicated to increasing the visibility and uptake of zero waste practices across the UK.

Zero Waste UK brings together individuals and community activists across the UK to be a strong voice for zero waste in the UK.  We are linked to the international zero waste movement in Europe and across the world. Join us in building a brighter future…

The Zero Waste movement is growing – but what does it involve and why should you get involved?

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