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  • Freegle

    Oct 03, 2012


    Freegle is a network of online groups that enable the reuse of goods in local areas across the UK. Local volunteers in 360+ groups are dedicated to helping our 1.4 million members share their resources and reduce waste. Every month about 800 tonnes of goods are reused via Freegle. Join a local group and offer your unwanted things to someone who can make use of them-ensuring less stuff ends up being thrown away or sitting around unused. Everything is free. Freegling builds community spirit, redistributes resources and saves everyone money. Excellent source of DIY, household, IT & creative materials for upcycling, repair & reuse. Don’t throw it away. Give it away. Find your local group here:

  • Alan Stewart

    Oct 08, 2012


    Please take a look at our website, which details how we are trying to maximise the recycling around Ludlow (in Shropshire) and litter picking when particular events are taking place. I would welcome any feedback you can give me on the website, good or bad. Alan Stewart Webmaster & Project Manager

  • Alan Stewart

    Oct 08, 2012


    The website is and my e-mail address is

  • Jude Warrender

    Oct 23, 2012


    I'm involved with a 38 bed environmental residential activity centre in the Peak district Lockerbrook Farm, which is owned and run by The Woodcraft Folk, but let out on a group booking basis to anyone who wishes to hire it. Because it is off road and a little remote, all efforts to reduce waste produced and minimise environmental impact generally reduce both costs and carbon footprint, as well as educating residents on their stay. It has a wood burning stove, kitchen waste composting and dry recycling, and no mains water supply - water is from a spring. It's an ideal and magical location for any group wanting an environmentally friendly place to stay.

  • Janet Gunter

    Nov 07, 2012


    We run community events called "Restart Parties" where skilled repairers help people with frustrations or broken e-stuff - showing them how to maintain and repair electronics, saving it from the landfill. In future, we will be mapping opportunities for repair. Please visit our website, find us Facebook and Twitter @RestartProject

  • Steffi Rox

    Jun 06, 2013


    Recycling many "hard to recycle" items such as baby wipe packets, used pens, biscuit wrappers and many more via the Terracycle scheme in aid of good causes. Help us collect and join our recycling group Go Recycle! to share ideas, tips and chatter on all things green.

  • Lucy Bateson

    Jan 29, 2014


    Ferrier Pearce Creative Group are very excited to announce we will be holding another ‘Zero Waste Week’ as part of our ongoing commitment to be an environmental marketeer. From 10 to 16 February 2014 we will be demonstrating our sustainable credentials as well as our creative ability. By coming up with some original but practical ideas to overcome waste issues, we will be encouraging each other to live and work to the ‘Zero Waste’ philosophy. We will be holding six staff ‘waste hacks’ to generate some fun, quirky and witty ideas. We’ll then implement the best ideas during our Zero Waste Week and share the outcomes over the following months, so look out for our tweets and Facebook posts. Themes will include food, transport, energy and waste. Each of us will make a pledge to go ‘Zero Waste’ in one particular area of our lives, be it at home or at work. We will be encouraging each other to maintain this pledge throughout 2014 and to persuade our family, friends and colleagues to join in. As well as getting our employees fully engaged with the initiative we hope that our clients and a wider external audience will also want to take part. We’d love to hear your ideas and comments via Facebook and Twitter.

  • Indunil Karunadheera

    May 23, 2014


    Garbage is money, why don't you think about that............. ..Visit our website:

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